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GANGSTA N.Y. & New York Choppers

Powerfully Refined Tanning Creme.

Blended with Ultra Hi End Skin Care and 15 Years of Tanning Studio Ownership in New York.

Forget the hype of the $100 Plus Trendy Tanning Lotions.

You simply can not buy a better performingTanning Accelerator.

Built in Melanin Engine provides time released moisturizers.

No streak bronzer and liposome delivered anti oxidants.

No After Tan Odor.

Gorgeous color. Bad Ass package and Amazing Value.

Acrylic Safe for all beds booths and perfect out doors.

After building many Tanning Studios and Tanning Hundreds of thousands of clients I can tell you that you can not find a better Tanning Product. Logo is property of Radiance New York.

Tanning Studio Exclusive Retailing Available. Protected Territory. Licensed Salons Only. Contact For Info.

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